FICTION: Paper Mache (story series)

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Its been a while hasn't it? I apologise for my long absence. I'm starting a new story series titled "Paper Mache". This would be the first story series on the blog!(so excited). Please read and enjoy, share and comment.

 Paper Mache episode 1


Mhiz Kenny:
What u up 2     15:46
Nothing   15:46
Mhiz Kenny:
Miss u. Call me <3    15:48
: )  kk    15:48

Mhiz Kenny:
PING!         16:01
Mhiz Kenny:
PING!        16:08

It wasn’t the incessant blowing of the bugle that startled Wale from his short siesta. It was the bad smell that filled his nostrils, almost choking him as he tried to take a deep breath, sitting up and putting his elbows on his knees. For a minute, he could not place a finger on why he was filled with so much dread and his heartbeats were coming so fast. Then he remembered the dream.
When he was younger, his parents had taken him and his siblings to spend the holidays with their grandmother and cousins at a village near Ijebu-ode. When the village was celebrating its annual Agemo masquerade festival, only Wale and one of his cousins, Seye were brave enough, despite their grandmother’s warnings, to leave the house to watch the masquerades perform. Fascinated, the eight year-old boys had gotten too close and a masquerade, which they, in their childish ignorance had believed was a spirit, came after them in a frenzied dance of riotous colours. The boys had split, but for some reason, the “spirit” had decided to follow Wale. The little boy had been filled with so much terror, and genuinely believed he was going to die, until the masquerade changed its mind at the last minute and went back the way it came. In Wale’s dream, he was eight again, but this time the masquerade caught up with him and said, “You are one of us now. Come.” All the while attempting to drag a kicking and screaming Wale off with him.
He reached for his Blackberry phone- the clock showed “16:45”. He unlocked his phone and saw three missed calls from “Bae”.
“Kai! I’swear ’is toilet dey smell die! Mcheww”. It was Wale’s bunkmate and friend, Austin. “Guy, do fah-fast, them officers don dey come our side….”. Austin always talked like he was in a hurry. Wale had read somewhere that people who talked fast were good at keeping secrets. He figured that it had to be true, considering the fact that Austin was already seeing at least three girls this early in the orientation exercise- he had the looks and the money.
Wale rose up quickly. The sudden movement caused blood to rush to his head, causing dancing spots in his vision. A wave of nausea hit him- he probably shouldn’t have had those camp cafeteria beans. The stench coming from the very nearby toilet was not helping. Suddenly there was a commotion at the entrance of the room. Its remaining occupants began to pull on their shirts and yank up their shorts rather hurriedly. Wale was suddenly reminded of one of the faster classical music pieces he had to learn when he first began his piano lessons in secondary school. Chopin, he thought.
“Who are those remaining in this room?”, a voice shrieked, “White fowls, Oya! To the parade ground!”. By now many were already scampering out of the room. Austin said, “Guy, e be like say you go meet me for parade ground” and followed the others. By now, Wale was the only corper left in Room C. He heard the sound of boots hitting the ground get closer and he dashed for his clothes. He was still searching for his shoes when he heard, “Otondo, are you deaf?”
He pulled out his white shoes from under the bunk and turned to face his accuser. He dropped his shoes in surprise. From the voice he had assumed it was a female officer, but it was a man glaring at him now, malevolently as if to say, “I dare you to laugh”. He looked at his name tag. It read, “Dike Chima M.”. He looked like someone who was trying hard to look bigger than his natural slight stature and failing, and had a slightly reddish complexion. But what he lacked in stature, Wale thought he made up for in attitude.
“Sorry sir,” Wale bit his lip to stifle laughter as he quickly put on his shoes
“Sorry for your head. Get out”. Dike Chima M. marched Wale out of the room in a tangle of untied shoelaces.

“You should go for it”.
Samuel rolled his eyes. Kenny had been so absent-minded all evening, checking her phone repeatedly for messages. Now she had her thumb on the phone icon, poised to dial Ife mi again. He rescued the phone from her relentless clicking.
“Give him a break. He's in his own camp too. By the way, I was talking about Miss NYSC”. Samuel knew that Kenny knew he’s had a crush on her since the first day they met. “Mammy Water”, those were the words that came to his mind that day as he gawked at her fair, smooth and glowing skin and her long weave. They were in the same platoon- the fifth, therefore they saw each other at least every weekday. But he was careful not to make his feelings so obvious so as not to lose their friendship- he knew she was in a serious relationship with one lucky bastard. Still he was quick to befriend her before “camp guys” began to swarm like flies. He could spy one staring at her from a distance.
Kenny sighed. “He promised call me in the afternoon. What if something happened to him?” Kenny panicked and reached for the phone. Samuel gave in without fighting, and he watched her dial a number over and over again. After a while, he said
“Ope and I are going to Mammy market….”
“L..L..Let me come with you guys. I..I need to get stuff”
“I thought you were calling someone….”
“Switched off”, she said, flatly.
Kenny tried to make herself believe that everything was fine with Wale, and she was probably being paranoid. After a whole year of dating she still wasn’t used to how he could be aloof at times. She couldn’t understand how someone could enjoy being alone so much, but she reassured herself by replaying their conversations in her head, and their first kiss.
Suddenly the guy that had been standing at the corner and giving covert stares was now walking up to her. She thought he looked vaguely familiar. 

Kenny’s Diary Entry, Nov 3rd, 22:10
It’s been a while. Camp has been stressful- I’m surprised that I even have to strength to be writing in a diary now but I need to spill. Trying to gather my thoughts but my mind is everywhere right now.
I miss my family- Mum and Taiwo and Gbade. Idowu is better. I don’t know why someone would choose the name ‘Gbade’ over ‘Idowu’ sef…..
Missing HIM like crazy. He should have worked his posting to Ogun State like we agreed. He said he fell asleep and his phone died. “Sorry”, he said. He says that a lot these days...I want to believe him. I really hope he's not lying to me like he was that time…I’ll call him again before I go to bed. Maybe I should call Sade in Nonwa-Gbam Tai camp. She’ll tell me if they run into each other. 
I feel sad for Samuel at times. He's the only child, so he probably grew up lonely. Maybe that’s why he's always making new friends. As the only girl in the family, I think I understand that loneliness.  I might contest for Miss NYSC, I don’t know yet. But I’m scared I’ll lose because of my stammer.
And I met an old friend today, from primary school, Kachi. Small world. Couldn’t even recognize him anymore, skin bleaching and all.
I don’t know when-

Suddenly a piercing scream filled the air, waking most of the sleeping girls in the dormitory. Kenny scrambled down from the upper bunk bed to see what had happened. She pushed her way through the small crowd that had gathered round the area. Then she couldn’t believe the sight that met her eyes.


Seun Ajijala


  1. Yippee !!!!!, Thank God Seun is back. 'where went you' all this while? I am definitely joining this 'roller-coaster' romance piece. Love ever hurts so bad or not, depending on your definition of hurt

    1. Aww...thank you very much. I got a little busy is all...You're welcome. expect more regular updates ;)