POETRY: Omo Yooba

Seun Ajijala

Photo credit: Itan Project

Star of the West
Look how you dazzle
Son of Oduduwa, Moremi’s daughter
Your name is a beautiful song
Like the laughter of little children

Omo ile-ife
Your heritage is the gold
Which you wear upon your neck
Like precious stones
In a distant land

Omo kaaro-o-jiire
Your tongue, to you
Is home
The tool with which you pay homage
To the sacred staff of the elders

Omoluabi, upright one
You honor tradition
Do not forget the instructions of the obi
Nor the morals of the agba
In a changing world

Seun Ajijala

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  1. There's a lot to learn from the African tradition and this in particular is amazing.