Welcome to my Blog!

I finally decided to suck it up and create a web log. This is where I write about subjects I have strong interest in, carrying you readers along at the same time.

Reason for delay
I was trying to find out what I was EXPECTED to blog about, instead of just doing what I actually want to do. I also couldn’t decide on the one subject to blog on (e.g travel, art, cooking, music, etc). Both led me to combine four different areas I would be writing about on this blog.

What you will see on this blog

LIT SPACE: Here you’ll find poems, short stories, Flash fiction, Book Reviews, Featured stories and literary news.
MOVIE/DRAMA REVIEW: As the title suggests, this is analysis and criticism of movies and drama. No spoilers, except indicated otherwise
MUSIC: Here I share my favourite tracks every week, with their lyrics and download links

There will be guest posts and featured posts, and sometimes, a blog post might not fall under any of the above categories- just something a bit different!

Alright then, let’s go!


Seun Ajijala

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